Vilius Dranseika

Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics, Jagiellonian University

My publication list (March 2023)

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I edit Experimental Philosophy: Persons on philpapers

I am an affiliated member of Centre for Philosophy of memory, Grenoble

I am a research affiliate at Oxford BioXPhi Lab

Main interests

Experimental Philosophy
Philosophy of Personal Identity
Philosophy of Memory
Philosophy of Medicine

Some recent publications | Don't have access? Send me an email.

Neiders I. Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Death and personal identity: An empirical study on folk metaphysics. In: K. Hens and A. De Block (eds.) Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Medicine. Bloomsbury. >>>

Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Folk beliefs about phenomenological differences and similarities between kinds of mental states. In: D. Gregory and K. Michaelian (eds.) Dreaming and Memory: Philosophical Issues. Springer. >>>

Sant'Anna A., Dranseika V. (Forthcoming). Does Macbeth see a dagger? An empirical argument for the existence-neutrality of seeing. Erkenntnis. >>>

Bystranowski P., Dranseika V., Żuradzki T. (2022). The disconnection that wasn’t: Philosophy in modern bioethics from a quantitative perspective. American Journal of Bioethics. 22(12): 36–40. >>>

Bystranowski P., Dranseika V., Żuradzki T. (2022). Half a century of bioethics and philosophy of medicine. A topic-modeling study. Bioethics. 36(9): 902–925. >>>

Żuradzki T., Dranseika V. (2022). Reasons to genome edit and metaphysical essentialism about human identity. American Journal of Bioethics. 22(9): 34–36. >>>

Dranseika V. (2022). Memory as evidence of personal identity. A study on reincarnation beliefs. In: K. Tobia (ed.) Experimental Philosophy of Identity and the Self. Bloomsbury: 127–142. >>>

Berniūnas R., Silius V., Dranseika V. (2022). Moralization East and West: Moralizing different transgressions among Chinese, Americans and Lithuanians. Asian Journal of Social Psychology. 25(2): 185–197. >>>

Mikalonytė E.S., Dranseika V. (2022). The role of teleological thinking in judgments of persistence of musical works. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. 80(1): 42–57. >>>

Michaelian K., Dranseika V., Álvarez J. (2021). Experimental philosophy of memory. Acta Scientiarum. Human and Social Sciences. 43: e60875. >>>

Lin Y.-T., Dranseika V. (2021). The variety and limits of self-experience and identification in imagination. Synthese. 199: 9897–9926. >>>

Earp B., Lewis J., Dranseika V., Hannikainen I. (2021). Experimental philosophical bioethics and normative inference. Theoretical Medicine & Bioethics. 42(3-4): 91–111. >>>

Dranseika V. (2021). Authenticity, self-defining memories, and the direction of change. AJOB Neuroscience. 12(1): 48–49. >>>

Piasecki J., Dranseika V. (2021). Balancing professional obligations and risks to providers in learning healthcare systems. Journal of Medical Ethics. 47: 413–416. >>>

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Dranseika V., McCarroll Ch., Michaelian K. (2021). Are observer memories (accurate) memories? Insights from experimental philosophy. Consciousness and Cognition. 96: 103240. >>>

Berniūnas R., Beinorius A., Dranseika V., Silius V., Rimkevičius P. (2021). The weirdness of belief in free will. Consciousness and Cognition. 87: 103054. >>>

Mikalonytė E.S., Dranseika V. (2020). Intuitions on the individuation of musical works. An empirical study. The British Journal of Aesthetics. 60(3): 253–282. >>>

Neiders I., Dranseika V. (2020). Minds, brains, and hearts: An empirical study on pluralism concerning death determination. Monash Bioethics Review. 38(1): 35–48. >>>

Earp B., Demaree-Cotton J., Dunn M., Dranseika V. et al. (2020). Experimental philosophical bioethics. AJOB Empirical Bioethics. >>>

Berniūnas R., Dranseika V., Tserendamba D. (2020). Between Karma and Buddha: Prosocial behavior among Mongolians in an anonymous economic game. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. 30(2): 142–160. >>>

Dranseika V. (2020). False memories and quasi-memories are memories. Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy Vol. 3. 175–188. >>>

Dranseika V., Dagys J., Berniunas R. (2020). Proper names, rigidity, and empirical studies on judgments of identity across transformations. Topoi. 39(2): 381–388. >>>

Dranseika V., Piasecki J. (2020). Transparent defaults and consent for participation in a learning healthcare system. An empirical study. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics. 15(4): 261–270. >>>

Dranseika V., Berniūnas R., Silius V. (2018). Immorality and bu daode, unculturedness and bu wenming. Journal of Cultural Cognitive Science. 2(1-2): 71–84. >>>

Dranseika V. (2017). On the ambiguity of ‘the same person’. AJOB Neuroscience. 8(3): 184–186. >>>

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